The Apprentice

Four crucial business lessons from The Apprentice

The new UK series of The Apprentice aired on October 2 with the latest batch of determined candidates, all vying for a life-changing job opportunity with Lord Sugar and 15 minutes of fame.

As well as being a great source of entertainment, the programme also provides a wonderful insight into business and some valuable lessons on how to succeed in the workplace. With this in mind Peninsula Founder and Managing Director Peter Done provides his top four business lessons we can learn from watching The Apprentice:

1. Be a team player

Being an effective team player can really help your chances of succeeding in the workplace.

Your role within a team can vary; sometimes you might be required to lead and on other occasions, you will be asked to work in the background organising things or carrying out certain tasks.

We have seen numerous times on The Apprentice where an individual candidate ignores their designated role and instead aims for a leadership position. This often leads to tension and friction within the team and can have a negative impact on the job in hand. Ultimately, a good team player can lead when required but ultimately puts the team’s objectives above their own.

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