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Our team of productivity experts analyse utilisation, effort and method across all processes within a broad range of industries to deliver a measurable increase in productivity.

We provide you with an insight that your team will never get the time or opportunity to have, with the freedom of an independent, external perspective.

Transformation & Change

At 4th Dimension, we adopt a holistic approach to improving and maximising organisational performance. Our objective is to help drive down costs, increase revenues and achieve higher and sustainable levels of service, productivity and profitability.

Examples of sectors we have worked in are Manufacturing, Sport, Finance, Construction, and Public Sector.

Training Your People

4th Dimension aligns individuals within organisations into powerful teams capable of bringing your strategic vision to fruition and delivering far greater collective performance.

The key is to commit to the continuous development of your most valuable business assets: your people.

Health & Safety

There is no greater way to show respect to every individual associated with your business than to create a safe and healthy workplace.

We provide a comprehensive Health & Safety compliance programme that will reduce your risk, meet your regulatory responsibilities and create a solid foundation from which to improve and grow your business.

Companies that we work with

Our Style

Our style is practical, direct and principle-based. We recognise that every situation demands a tailored solution, not a consultancy ‘playbook’. Solutions are designed based on independent, fact-based review and implemented with a driven plan and constant hands-on involvement. Results are sustained and continuously improved by a people-centred approach to develop the individual and the team on your journey to operational excellence.

Our influences

We are proud to acknowledge the influences of a number of management models and theories in our approach of how to help improve your business. In particular, we have utilised the lessons from elite performance in sport, management theories on contingency and adaptive complex systems, the teachings of Dr Shingo, the principles established in the Toyota Production System, and Womack and Jones’ concept of ‘Lean Thinking’.

Our team

Our people and partners are our most valuable assets. All of whom have worked at the sharp end of commerce, not only facing the competing constraints of resources, budgets and time, but also building contacts across the whole spectrum of business sectors. Our team has been chosen for their expertise, integrity and enthusiasm to ensure every project gets results and is delivered to promote a culture that is open, positive and motivated to effect change.

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