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MixBox – the revolutionary new DJ set recording device

Introducing MixBox2 by Evermix

Have you ever wished that you could easily capture your best sets and instantly share them with a wider audience of electronic music fans?

One of the more annoying processes in the current digital DJ world is recording, processing, and publishing a mix or live DJ set. Setting up a digital recorder, checking levels, making sure you have the right cables, batteries, etc is only half the battle. A new device, MixBox2, aims to bring a portable, rapid solution to record DJ sets right onto your phone, and publish them online.

The MixBox2 is pretty simple: it’s a dedicated device designed to be a simple plug-and-play recorder for DJ sets. To set it up, plug in a pair of RCA cables from the Record Out on a DJ mixer. Then plug in your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to the MixBox 2 (the iOS device is where the actual mix is being stored) via a 7 pin DIN to Apple Lightning cable.

The MixBox 2 also can be powered by the same iOS device – which means that battery power is a consideration when using it – or you can also use the micro USB port to power it instead of draining your phone. The press release has a bit more about their own power testing:

“MixBox2 is powered by the DJ’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and can record for many hours without any additional external power, removing any audio noise problems associated with using an external USB power supply. During testing impressive power-usage results were achieved: a one hour set used just 10% of an iPhone 7 battery with screen off, and 20% with screen constantly on.”

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Evermix Ibiza Ice

Evermix – Party season is kicking off… and we’ve got a new partner: Ibiza Ice!

Read this one to the end… there is a brilliant prize on offer!

The festival & Ibiza silly season is just around the corner at last, and we want to help make your summer go off with a pop.

Enter our newest brand partner, Ibiza Ice… a new sparkling wine drink available in two natural flavours: White Isle (Lychee, Lime & Melon) and Sunset (Pomegranate).

Over the summer we’ll be working with Ibiza Ice across a number of events both at home in the UK, and on the White Isle of Ibiza.

What this means for you is access to loads of competitions to win festival and event tickets, festival survival packs (think sunglasses, phone chargers, and for the eternally optimistic – condoms), and of course – cold, lovely, alcohol.

Ibiza Ice will also be sponsoring a new “White Isle Sessions” weekly mix series  featuring live sets recorded with Evermix from Ibiza’s chill-out bars, beach parties and superclubs; exclusive interviews with big name DJs, and a monthly blog roundup of island news and events.

And so to kick things off, Ibiza Ice are offering one winner FOUR VIP TICKETS to We Are FSTVAL (26th-28th May, Upminster, England), which is about to sell out.

To enter, click the button below. This will take you to the competition post on the Evermix Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ll sadly not be able to enter.

Then just do two things: tag your three mates who you’d bring to the festival, and hit the ‘Like Page’ button in the post to follow Ibiza Ice.

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What is Ibiza Ice?

Ibiza Ice

We could give you the full sales pitch, but we’ll leave that to Ibiza Ice.  What we can tell you is that for the last few weeks our Friday afternoons have been ‘Ibiza Ice‘ fuelled, and our stocks are going down QUICKLY – always a good sign!

Check out the Ibiza Ice site for more info on the brand, the drinks, and how to serve.

Win tickets here.