Training your people

Insight Three: A change in the mindset

In this insight we discuss some of the common themes that emerge during client engagements.

Our approach is centred on focusing the team to strive for excellence. Core to this is to bring about a change in mindset: getting team members away from quick fixes to root-cause problem solving.

Engagements start with a diagnostic analysis – the core tool used to identify the biggest issues, prioritise actions and map the journey. Once the facts are proven, select the appropriate solutions from a well-established tool kit.

From diagnostic to implementation: hands-on approach to kick-start the change process and build momentum. Team members need to become engaged and stay involved. This is achieved with some initial team building games, followed by working on actual processes with immediate impact. Constant communication is vital, a combination of the informal at the workplace and more structured team briefings. Support this stage with simple measures to track progress.

The first signs of success are the new dynamics in the team: leaders emerge, showing technical and project skills and – most importantly – energy, enthusiasm and drive. Identify problem solvers who find ways to break down habitual barriers and overcome negativity.

Outcomes of project engagements are not only measured in financial terms, which typically show 20% or more in efficiency gains, but also in the positivity of a team working together and communicating effectively. With this essential shift in the mindset, stress caused by constant quick fixes and fire-fighting activities can be reduced and efficiency maximised.

“As always, it was a pleasure to have you on site. You hold up the mirror – we do not always like what we see but we are always better off for the looking. You are the only consultants I have ever worked with who did not borrow my watch to tell me the time.” 

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