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What Aristotle can teach you about leadership

2000 years ago, Aristotle, the world’s greatest philosopher, statesman and writer made a profound observation about Successful leaders. As per Aristotle, all successful people have loads of something called koine aisthesis or sensus communis. He describes this quality as the higher-order perception that humans uniquely possess but used properly only by a few. This acts as a kind […]

How to hire outside your expertise

Recruiting for new roles is doubly tricky when they’re so technical that you don’t actually know what good looks like, as Attest’s Jeremy King discovered. If you’re a seasoned marketer, it shouldn’t be too tough to hire another marketer. But what if you’re looking to hire a software programmer for the first time, or a […]

What Britain’s bosses really think about Brexit

Departing the EU is not the only issue keeping CEOs up at night. With a few notable exceptions, the leaders of Britain’s biggest businesses have generally been reticent to nail their personal colours to the mast when it comes to Brexit – at least in public. After all, unless you’re actively trying to lobby one […]

10 ways to make work safer in 2019

What lies ahead in 2019? Brexit, of course, but health and safety will also be impacted by many other agendas. Jocelyn Dorrell and Elaine Knutt survey the trends and the experts. Crystal ball gazing is always a difficult sport, but at the beginning of 2019 the view is clouded by the “B word”. With the […]

How the Premier League became an export superstar

In July, the Brand Manager Pursuivant to the Royal Family will have awoken to the same sobering news that greeted the Chancellors of Britain’s noblest seats of learning on the Cherwell, Cam and Thames. Pollsters Populus had surveyed 20,000 people from 20 countries and territories about 10 of the UK’s best-known institutions, companies and brands. […]

4th Dimension – Summer breeze!

The team have been involved in various activities over the last few months to ensure we practise what we preach when it comes to taking head on challenges and sometimes tough conditions! RUN – Peter and Jenny took part in the Hackney Half Marathon in May. It was a rather hot day and Peter achieved […]