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Fourth Dimension Insights

As we progress through our 6th year of trading, during arguably some of the most difficult of business environments with the added complications of BREXIT uncertainty, we are delighted to say that both we and our clients continue to grow and improve. In this latest communication, Fourth Dimension Insights, we aim to provide occasional updates […]

Insight Four: Latest News at 4D

In the last year the team at 4th Dimension have been working on: A major transformation programme for a high technology company involving a major move of complex physical infrastructure and a full operational excellence lean programme to deliver a significant reduction in footprint whilst creating increased capacity, freeing up working capital alongside driving towards […]

Insight Three: A change in the mindset

In this insight we discuss some of the common themes that emerge during client engagements. Our approach is centred on focusing the team to strive for excellence. Core to this is to bring about a change in mindset: getting team members away from quick fixes to root-cause problem solving. Engagements start with a diagnostic analysis – […]

Insight One: Did you know?

4th Dimension provide a whole range of services to help achieve operational excellence, commercial excellence and innovation excellence Every business needs to be as efficient as possible to deliver a valuable product or service and grow. At 4th Dimension, we adopt a holistic approach to improving and maximising operational performance, drawing on the experience we have gained […]

Peter and Tony speak at the business show 2015

The Business Show 2015 workshops 4D presented at the The Business Show 2015 and provided a workshop to their SME delegates, the specification  was broad but focused on hot topics surrounding our SME community with regards to helping them achieve growth.  4D presented Sort it, Drive it, Enjoy it. Click here for more details   […]