Insight Two: 70 minutes in and it is a 2-point game

How the dynamics of a rugby game can be applied to business operations

In this year’s Six Nations, we witnessed some inspirational examples of team performance when it mattered. Losing 16-14 against Wales 70 minutes in the game, England went on to win 16-21.

Imagine a similar scenario in a business environment. How good is your team in a critical situation concerning the daily output or a project that seems to stagnate when it should progress? Who can you bring in ‘from the bench’ to turn around the result?

Whether you are a coach or a manager, you are on the bench, looking in. You are involved but detached enough to be able to see what is going on in the team. You discuss what needs to be done in order to change a situation for the better. Sometimes a fresh player, an outsider who can see the opportunities, can slot seamlessly into the team and turn the whole dynamics around and move the situation forward. Sometimes you need a change of tactics or a new viewpoint to develop your team and help them to work together more efficiently and successfully.

Are you looking at your team in the same way? Have you developed a total squad mentality in your business? Is everyone trained in the techniques and processes to allow for seamless changes, provide extra support and cope with increased capacity? Here are some key elements to focus on so you can get your team in top shape:

  • Develop the support team as well as star players
  • Provide systematic training
  • Standardise processes
  • Encourage a team trademark
  • Adopt review and response methods

If you are in a similar situation and want to improve your team’s performance, please get in touch for an informal chat to see how we can help you and your business.

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